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When I was twenty years old I knew one thing:

I wanted to build my own legacy and help as many people as I could along the way.

Over the course of ten years, I failed over and over again.

Each time I took a step forward, I took two steps back.

I could have settled and found a corporate job like everyone else was doing,

But I’m following my gut and I’m risking it all to create a better life.

I do my best to cancel out all of the negative thoughts:

“What if one day I have to shut my company down and I am a 30+ year old trying to find his way in a corporate office”

You can’t afford to think like this.

I’ve seen people stay at a job they hate way too long and then complain about it because they’re too afraid to take a leap of faith.

They’re too afraid to believe in themselves.

Whatever age you may be, chances are some of you may not have a lot of responsibilities.

Now is the perfect time to take a risk and prove to all those out there that you were meant to do something special with your life.

It’s significantly more difficult once you get married, have kids and a mortgage.

You are the only one stopping yourself from taking a leap of faith.

There are billions of people in the world that you can connect with.

Stop wasting time doing something you don’t love.

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