The worst Super Bowl LII Commercials demo3

January 10, 2019       BY Jake

Every Super Bowl we see only a few brands take advantage of the $5 million plus they spend to have their commercial played on the biggest stage with 103.4 million viewers tuning in. This year we saw 6 brands swing and miss.


The first award for biggest miss of Super Bowl LII goes to WeatherTech. They had every opportunity to share an awesome story of the new factory they are building in America, but instead they chose to show us only b-roll shots of their factory being built. If WeatherTech would have added a compelling story of how this move is affecting their employees in a positive way, then they would have had a great commercial. So close WeatherTech.


What did we just watch SquareSpace!?!? I’ll address the obvious first. Do we want to teach millions of people that it is ok to ride a motorcycle that way? I think not…. I’ve watched this commercial several times and I understand they want people to make it happen, but what does standing on top of a motorcycle in the middle of the desert have to do with making it happen. A swing and a miss by squarespace.


WOW is right. If you want to go funny, you have to actually be funny. A big miss by Pringles and I hope you spend some time to rework your campaigns after this miss.

Michelob ULTRA

We get it Michelob. You like to sing, but have you ever seen anyone that excited about a Michelob Ultra that they broke out in dance and song. I don’t think so. Take a strong look at Budweiser’s Super Bowl spot to see how it should be done and start telling us the stories of how you are changing the world.

Diet Coke Twisted Mango

What did we just watch? Did they hire a 16 year old instagram influencer to shoot this on his iphone? No story, no compelling message, poorly lit, and overall just terrible. If we go the rest of our lives without ever seeing this commercial again, that would be great!

RAM Vikings

Dodge tried and failed with this one. They had great success on their “Built to Serve” commercial, but you can’t center a commercial around a team name and mascot that isn’t in the Super Bowl. If the Vikings would have made it to the Super Bowl Dodge would have been in great shape with this commercial, but the fact is the Eagles beat out the Vikings. The only way this should have been aired is if they showed a clip of Eagles raining down onto the Vikings and picking them up out of the truck bed as they turn around after approaching Minneapolis.

Thank you for checking out Dublite Productions worst picks for Super Bowl LII commercials and we hope brands start to share the stories of what they are doing to impact the world rather than the big misses we saw on Sunday.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite and worst Super Bowl LI commercials!

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