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I’ve met a lot of extraordinary people since starting my business

They often tell me that they’d like to go out on their own

But they want to spend a lot of time up front working on business plans because that’s what their MBA taught them

Chances are they’ll never launch their business

You can currently get validation for your business in a matter of days 

Industries are changing overnight and by the time you launch your business a plan probably won’t help

An MBA will give you the knowledge to make a business plan and plan some more, but that’s all it does

MBA’s are now outdated

You don’t need to spend crazy amounts of money on an outdated education to be successful 

You’re better off finding a mentor to help you avoid the early mistakes and learning the rest as you go

When I finished my B.S., you couldn’t get validation for your business as fast as you can now 

But I’m still glad I didn’t get an MBA

Too many people care way too much about those 3 letters

Instead lets focus on the advancements that are happening all around us and bring our ideas to life 

Now is the time to build your own legacy

Creating value for others and reaching your advocates has never been easier

Life is too short to plan every aspect

Stop waiting

And call me if you need help along the way

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