Our Process


We kick off your projects with a meeting to outline and define your needs, your brand and any constraints. We have found that the success of a project is directly correlated to our team fully understanding the goals that we are striving to achieve and producing the best solution.



Our teams meet in a closed-door conference room environment where we are able to brainstorm, understand, digest and download all pertinent knowledge for a given project. The discovery session will allow us to have a master understanding and a detailed direction for the variables within the project. From the discovery session we will develop an action plan that allows us to produce the most compelling and unique story.



By far the most important step in our process for producing a compelling and unique story is the Pre-Production. We take all the knowledge, materials and information gained from the discovery session and we custom tailor a unique and compelling script or outline that is used as a guide in the production of the story.

Pre Production


Once our guide has been approved we move full force into the production of your unique story. This is where your project begins to come to life.



Post Production is an exciting time. We take all the moving elements within your project and bring them to life. Your project becomes a finely tuned, unique and compelling piece of content that is now ready to be shared with your advocates and influencers.

Post Production


Distribution is the final stage of our process and as important as all the steps leading up to it. This is where we deliver the final product to be used on the various platforms discussed in the first introduction meeting.