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We left to a new city in 2013.

My then girlfriend, now wife, and I knew 1 person in a city with 9.5 million people.

I needed a way to dive deeper into the community to find my way.

When we made it to Chicago, I felt that I had taken the first big step in accomplishing my dream of building a high-caliber production agency.

3 months into our new adventure we lost almost everything through a partnership.

I now had to reinvent my agency.

I made it my mission to connect with as many business owners as possible.

I went to coffee, experienced their office cultures and I asked a ton of questions about their approach to business.

What I learned was it takes patience and

You need to surround yourself with people invested in your success.

After 5 years, a failed partnership, a reinvention, too many low moments for me to count, we are finally becoming the company I believed we could be and have a support team that wants us to succeed.