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I had a handshake deal with a client.

After the project finished I didn’t get paid the 30K I was promised. 

I thought about suing, but a handshake deal is hard to prove in court.

I was pissed and frustrated for several years

And I carried a chip on my shoulder for a long time.

One day I realized that I needed to let it go as there was nothing I could do about it, 

After all we didn’t sign anything. 

What I could do was move forward and only do business with people that I trust. 

In life, your word is your bond and it’s all that you have. 

My promise to all my clients has always been that my word means something. 

Could I be in a better position today if I would have had everything in writing. 


And a little more cash to grow the business wouldn’t hurt either. 

But life’s too short to waste time thinking about what could have been. 

As the founder of Dublite Productions I know we are in the game for the long run. 

If we commit to something, even if the deal is done by a handshake, we deliver. 

Running a successful business isn’t about how many commas are in your bank account. 

It’s about the culture and values that you inspire. 

Moments like this will define who you are for the rest of your life. 

Dublite Productions is a Chicago video production company that creates content for some of the best brands in the world through video production, photography and graphic design.