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A lot of you reading this are an employee of a company and you don’t post your experiences on your social channels.

You may be scared.

“What if my boss reads something I post and takes it the wrong way”

“What if management doesn’t want me to share what is going on at our company”

This year I’m breaking free from the norm and sharing more transparent stories about my entrepreneurial journey with you.

Something remarkable is happening: I’m having a lot more conversations.

Which is why I’m taking a moment to share with you each week a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur

And I believe that companies should encourage their employees to share their own experiences.

Why do you ask?

You will have more meaningful conversations with your community.

You will stand out in a sea of competition.

You will develop trust through a transparent culture

And with transparency your company will recruit better talent that believes in your culture.

It’s time to give your employees the ability to share their awesome experiences.

If you’ve spent the time to build the right culture now is the time to trust that your employees believe in you as a Founder or CEO.

And most importantly it’s time to show your community what you are doing to change the world!