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“All you do is press a button”

“You’re too expensive, my buddy said he’d do it for free”

“Being an entrepreneur is for those that can’t get a real job”

I hear these comments all the time.

I embrace them.

They make me want to go out and win even more.

It’s pretty easy to feel bullied once you start doing something you love.

People will attack you left and right without ever understanding what you do.

I know I’m not perfect.

I’m an entrepreneur who founded a photography company that morphed into a production company 11 years ago.

I discover new weaknesses everyday.

That’s why I’m using this platform to be transparent about my business, so I can get constructive feedback and grow genuine relationships.

This means sharing my failures and successes.

And expecting some of you to give me shit about my failures, but you still realize I’m not an expert in all things in business.

I’m always learning.

And for the all of the entrepreneurs out there who risk it all to grow awesome businesses in the face of haters.

I respect you!