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Some weeks can seem like hell week

And I am usually mentally drained,

But that’s what happens when you’re the only sales person for your company.

You book sales calls from referrals, you go to targeted networking events, you sit on various boards and you help as many people as you can.

But how do you have time for life balance?

You stop taking pointless sales conversations.

The first question I’m asking every person who wants to work with my agency is:

“What is your budget”

I’d rather not spend an hour talking to someone only to realize that they can’t afford our services.

If we aren’t the right fit, I am happy to refer you to someone within your budget.

Too many people I know are afraid to do this. 

They don’t want to scare someone off with their pricing.

The truth is, scaring people off with your pricing is a good thing!

Because the right customers for your business will stay.

This is also one of the fastest ways to understand if someone knows what things actually cost.

If they don’t know their budget, then they don’t really value your time or understand your space.

I’m often in conversations where I am the only one to admit how much similar projects have cost and then educate you on how you can maximize your budget.

This is why people trust me.

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