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Is the percentage of Scouts that become Eagle Scouts.

I am an Eagle Scout and I have a fancy little document proving it hanging on the wall right next to my degree.

I’ve learned something from being an Eagle Scout that is tremendously valuable.

Being a leader is one of the hardest things you’ll do in life.

I’ve sat back and let others try to lead.

We failed at simple tasks we were given.

Often times our leader didn’t know how to bring the team together.

Over a decade later, I still believe being a leader is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur.

But reading countless books on how to lead rather than manage and to trust that people inherently will make the right decision will not make you a great leader. 

You need practice!

I had the opportunity to lead our team through a very complex project that spanned 4 countries, 30+ interviews and it took 6 months to complete.

We knocked it out of the park and my team came together to produce three stunning videos!

During those 6 months I learned more than I could have ever learned from just reading.


I threw myself into the unknown.

Books will give you the ideas of how to be a good leader,
But getting out of your comfort zone and making it happen will allow you to grow as a leader more than you can ever imagine!

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