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 I wrote about my experience dealing with a failed HD in my iMac  

Well, it happened again

I watched as my MBP HD began the early stages of failing 

The color wheel of death started to make frequent appearances on the simplest of tasks

Lucky for me, I have been through this before 

I quickly confirmed all my data was backed up on 2 external HD’s

I then ordered a new HD, but made sure to invest a little more $ into a SSD.

The new SSD arrived and instead of installing the SSD right away, I did the smart thing.

I connected the new SSD to my Macbook via a SATA to USB adapter and booted up in recovery mode. 

Once in recovery mode I was able to install a fresh copy of macOS on the new SSD. 

I have found using this method allows you to quickly install a new macOS on your new SSD and confirm it runs properly.

You may be wondering why this story is relevant for a production company?

Owning a production company goes far beyond the fun life of video and photography shoots.   

There are thousands of different things that happen behind the scenes in our business and we always have to be proactive.

Catching these problems before they cause adverse effects allows us to focus more on the clients we are helping and even more on the content we are creating.  

Dublite Productions is a Chicago video production company that creates content for some of the best brands in the world through video production, photography and graphic design.