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I lost sight of our sales pipeline

In a blink of an eye we lost 75% of our yearly revenue 

You’ll only make the mistake of having one client account for a majority of your revenue once

After that happened I needed to figure out a way to build the business back up 

I was back in startup mode

It took a lot to dive deep into my processes and to be honest about my failures 

No one likes to be a failure 

But once I acknowledged my failures I started to connect with as many people as I could

I’m providing them insights into the video and photography world

And I’m helping as many people as I can along the way

It’s taken a lot of time to build back up

We are still not where I’d like us to be, but we are getting better each day and I’m very excited about what the future holds

Looking back – It was blessing 

Dublite Productions is more diversified than ever

As painful as this has been to go through I believe the future of my company is stronger than it was before 

And what is clear is your life is not about making a ton of money overnight 

Your life is about longevity, providing value and helping others 

If you can maintain this mindset the money and your desired success will follow

Dublite Productions is a Chicago video production company that creates content for some of the best brands in the world through video production, photography and graphic design.