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I’m a 32 year old Founder of Dublite Productions

I’m always willing to listen and learn, but I’ve had people say I still need to “earn” my success

Too many people believe that age equals earned success

And we need to stop and remember that there are a lot of young entrepreneurs out there changing the business landscape

We’ve done 6 figure video projects around the world with Fortune 25 companies and on the flip side we’ve helped startups grow

I’ve been through a reinvention of my company, lost tens of thousands of dollars and I’ve been undercut more times than I care to count

But I’ve learned from my mistakes

Because I grew as an entrepreneur

I try to be a better version of myself each day and help as many people as I possibly can

The best part of my day is when I get thank-you messages from clients 

I appreciate everyone that gives us a chance to show them how great we are 

But unfortunately I still occasionally hear that I don’t deserve the clients we have

As someone who founded his business at a young age, I’ve learned that the only thing that matters in life is believing in yourself

Some people will always find a way to knock you down

But that’s fine by me

While they’re concentrating on me and trying to break me,

I’m concentrating on the people we are helping

Dublite Productions is a Chicago video production company that creates content for some of the best brands in the world through video production, photography and graphic design.


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