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I used to spend hours on a proposal. 

I would then follow up with emails and calls. 

I’d hear nothing back from the client. 

It’s very hard to spend so much time creating something special for the client and then not get any feedback on it. 

I get it.

Deals fall through, we weren’t the right fit or their budget didn’t fit our approach. 

It happens.

But I’m happy to listen to the worst feedback to improve our process and offerings because we’re excellent problem solvers and know how to maximize a budget. 

That’s what I think makes us exceptional. 

After all those hours wasted on proposals I decided to implement a feedback system.

Whenever someone chooses not to work with my company I ask them why. 

It’s ok to be honest about what didn’t work for you, I’ll never hold it against you. 

It only helps make us better and it helps me build the right foundation within the company.

I challenge you to never believe you are better than the criticism you may receive.

Stay modest no matter how big you are, 

And always ask for feedback. 

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