Best Super Bowl LII Commercials

Every year millions tune into the Super Bowl to not only watch the game, but to grade how well companies have spent over $5 million to air their commercials on the world’s biggest stage. Here are my top 5 best commercials of Super Bowl LII.

Amazon: Alexa Lost Her Voice

Amazon did a great job with this super bowl spot and I hope to see this video broken down in a series featuring each person acting as Alexa’s voice. Who doesn’t love the sass of Gordon Ramsay and dirty talk of Rebel Wilson.

Budweiser “Stand By You”

A big congratulations goes out to Budweiser and the creative team behind this wonderful Super Bowl LII spot! If only more companies took a moment to share the great things they are doing for their communities and how they are impacting the world. Out of all the Super Bowl LII commercials Budweiser was the only one to create an emotional connection with their audience and bring to light the great people working over at Budweiser. These are the stories consumers really care about!

NFL “Time of my Life”

God bless Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. for this hilarious Super Bowl commercial paying hommage to everyones favorite movie Dirty Dancing. As much as it pains me to give the NFL credit for doing something great, you did a great job with this commercial.

Avocados from Mexico

Super Bowl LII commercials seems to be following a theme here: throw back commercials that play to the nostalgic memories of so many. Avocados from Mexico followed in this theme by making a tribute to the movie Biodome and creating a hilarious commercial in the process.

Jeep Jurassic

Can it get any more nostalgic than Jeff Goldblum being chased in a jeep by a T-Rex. I don’t think so. Nice play Jeep!

Thank you for checking out Dublite Productions top picks for Super Bowl LII commercials and we hope brands start to share the stories of what they are doing to impact the world.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite Super Bowl LI commercials!

-Jake Kosten | Founder Dublite Productions |